Driver’s Activity Detection System using Humanantenna

Now a days we can see that there are many cases which are occurring due to the drowsiness of drivers and that has become a main problem of the automotive industry. To overcome this in automotive industry the introduction of new technologies that is by introducing of new sensor which can detect the different activities. Detection of activities by sensors is for biological measuring such as heartbeat, oxygen level, respiration activity, etc. By applying such widespread variety of sensor usage in the system has a very high implementation cost and also very complexity which is a bit challenging design. In this paper, we are going study that how humantenna effect is used to detect and test the drive drowsiness by using simple and budget sensors in automotive industry.

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Keywords: Automotive Safety, Drowsiness Detection, Human Touch Sensor, Driver’s activity detection, Humanantenna.

ISSN: 2583-1186


EOI/DOI: 10.54105/ijeer.C1007.051322

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