A Single Case Study to Evaluate the Efficacy of Virechana Karma in Psoriatic Arthritis w.s.r to Vatarakta

Ayurveda is the oldest existing medical science whose principles of treatment still prove effective even in today’s changing era. The lifestyle now-a-days has become very hectic and has become a major reason for the growth of prevalence of autoimmune disorder. In this paper, a single case study has been discussed as to how there were changes in the samprapthi and how ayurvedic principles held true in the samprapthi vighatana. This patient was diagnosed with psoriatic arthritis and was subjected to virechana karma. The efficacy of the treatment before and after has been discussed in the paper and an attempt has been made to identify, a possible correlation between psoriatic arthritis and vatarakta for proper management in the future times.

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Keywords: Psoriasis, Psoriatic Arthritis, Vataraktha, Samprapthi, Samprapthi Vighatana


EISSN: 2350-0204


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