Study Iodine Amount in Content of Some Medicinal Plants by Ion Chromatography

In the work iodine amount in vegetative and generative organs of medicinal plants Berberis Vulgaris L. and Xanthium Strumarium L. has been studied by ion chromatography. It was found that iodine amount in stalk of Berberis Vulgaris L. by 3 times and in leaf by 23 times less than that in root, and in fruit it makes 6,2±0,5 mg. It was revealed that in root, stalk and leaf of Xanthium Strumarium L. iodine amount is almost the same (677,8±39,4), and in fruit – 80 % (540,4±28,4) of vegetative organs.

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Keywords: Berberis Vulgaris L., Xanthium Strumarium L., iodine, ion chromatography, vegetative, generative, amount.

ISSN: 2319-6602

EISSN: 2319-6602

EOI/DOI: 15/12/2014

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