Ending Gas Flaring in the Nigerian Oil and Gas Industry: The Need for Strict Regulatory Enforcement

Environmental pollution arising from gas flaring constitutes a major concern among the international community, particularly as a result of the negative impact it brings to society, environment, and economy. In the last 60 years, multinational oil companies operating in Nigeria have consistently flared associated natural gas. This paper critically examines the extant legal frameworks for regulating gas flaring within the Nigerian oil and gas industry, as well as other efforts made by the federal government towards ending gas flaring in the country. The effects of gas flaring on the inhabitants of the Niger-Delta region of Nigeria (human and environment) are discussed, then an overview of the challenges militating against ending the menace of gas flaring is provided. The paper contends that unless there is strict enforcement of anti-gas flaring regulations by the regulating agencies of government with stiff punishments and fines for erring oil companies, gas flaring will not abate. Recommendations are, therefore, proffered for combating gas flaring in the country.

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Keywords: Gas flaring; Regulations; Effects; Punishment; Challenges; Enforcement


EISSN: 2564-016X

EOI/DOI: 10.33002/jelp02.03.02

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