Triboanalysis in Industry for PVD-coated Stamping Dies

The application of hard wear-resistant coatings is expanding into various sectors of industry to protect tools and other components from failure caused by wear and corrosion. However, in forming industry it is still rather an exception than a rule to find coated forming dies. This study has objectives to investigate wear behaviour of P/M Vanadis 6 ledeburitic steel with PVD-TiN and TiCN coatings. The tests were carried out in the laboratory and industrial process conditions. The obtained results under operating conditions show that the application of PVD coatings appears as a very effective method for increasing the lifetime and wear resistance of cold stamping dies.

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Keywords: P VD coatings, Wear, Stamping dies, Industrial process conditions

ISSN: 0354-8996

EISSN: 2217-7965


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