The Psychometrics of Educational Science: Designing Trichotomous Inventive Investigative Instruments for Qualitative and Quantitative for Inquiry

This monograph provides an active discourse on the novel field of “Educational Science” and how it conducts in–depth research investigations first presented in an article by the author in the iManager Journal of Mathematics. Educational Science uses the innovative Total Transformative Trichotomy–Squared [Tri–Squared] Test as a means of informative inquiry. This novel approach to data analysis is a mixed methods research design that involves the holistic combination and comparison of qualitative and quantitative data. An example is provided on the psychometric process of creating trichotomous instruments that are an essential part of the Tri–Squared research investigative process.

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Keywords: Data Analysis, Education Science, Eduscience, Instrument, Investigative, Psychometrics, Trichotomy, Tri–Squared, and Statistics.

ISSN: 0973-2217

EISSN: 2230-7133


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