Popularity Of Solar Energy In Puducherry: An Analysis Of Problems and Prospects

Power cuts have become an important problem in our country. Efforts to use alternative sources of power have gained momentum. Nuclear energy has been frequently talked about as an alternative. However, there are many other better alternatives, and this study explores the possibility of solar power as a viable alternative source of power. The researcher has conducted a survey on 266 Puducherry households to analyse their opinion about solar power. The study reveals that lack of convenience and high cost is restricting the popularity of solar appliances. The study has found out that efforts to minimise the cost, enhancement of comfort, provision of liberal loans to purchase solar appliances and reduction of the payback period of solar appliances will definitely popularise solar appliances drastically.

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Keywords: Solar Appliances, Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), perennial, Admirers, Approvers, Complementing, Union Territory (UT of Puducherry.

ISSN: 0973-5054

EISSN: 2230-715X

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