Occurrence and chemical composition of essential oil from Lippia multiflora M. (Verbenaceae) leaves as affected by soil carbon, nitrogen and phosphorus contents in the centre Côte d’Ivoire

For generating a strategy of quantitative and qualitative productions of Lippia multiflora, influence soil contents of organic carbon (C), total nitrogen (TN), total phosphorus (TP) and available phosphorus (AP) were explored via dominant-abundance index (DAI) of the species as well as the leaves extractable essential oil. The experiment was carried out along three toposéquences in three sites of L. multiflora ecosystem in Centre Côte d’Ivoire at four topographic positions: Summit (S), Upper slope (UP), Middle slope (MS) and Foot slope (FS). DAI was recorded coupled with soil and leaves sampling. C, TN, TP and AP were determined as well as the concentrations of essential oils. Occurrence of L. multiflora was highest in the MS and FS positions of the landscapes with significant influence of AP also noticed for essential oils mainly characterized by highest concentrations of Citral (Géranial+Néral) and Linalol. It would be possible to grow L. multiflora, in centre Côte d'Ivoire applying P and TN for high yields of leaves and essential oils mainly composed of terpenoid derivatives.

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Keywords: Lippia multiflora, volatile substance, centre Côte d'Ivoire, nutrient interaction


EISSN: 2350-1561


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