The Use of Psychological Skills by Male Collegiate Swimmers

The main purpose of the present study was to investigate the use of psychological skills by male collegiate swimmers. A secondary purpose was to investigate use differences between athletes specializing in different swim events. Male collegiate swimmers (N = 27) from different faculty of Banaras Hindu University were surveyed with a researcher-generated questionnaire, the Athlete’s Mental Survey. The means indicated that goal setting, positive self talk, and music for psychup were the skills found to be utilized “almost always” by the subjects. Also, more than 50% of the sample reported “never” using autohypnosis, autogenic training, blank meditation, bracing, color, cue words, mantra meditation, and Transcendental Meditation Copyright. The sample was split into two groups including sprinters (n = 15) and long distance swimmers (n = 12). MANOVA showed no significant differences between the skills used by the swimmers and the distance swam by the athletes. Results are discussed in relation to the need for coaches to educate and encourage athletes’ use of psychological skills for performance enhancement

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