Globalization or Recycled Colonialism?The Inheritance of Loss a Case in Point

The squabble over colonialism changing garb and reintroducing itself as globalization has incessantly continued ever since the multinationa l corporations (MNCs) stepped into the third world. In her Man Booker prize winning novel, The Inheritance of Loss , Kiran Desai captures this sentiment with her exquisite craft. As universally acknowledged, the origin of colonialism can be traced to around 16th century and involved the expansion of colonies in one te rritory by people from another territory, particular ly from Europe. It is characteriz ed by unequal and exploitative relationships between the colonial power and th e subjugated colony. Post- colonial literature focuses on the aftermath of colonialism on its colonies. After the crumbling away of colonialism, 1980s witnessed the rise of globalization with the promise of dissolving national boundaries and international integration arising from the intercha nge of world views, products, ideas, and other aspects of culture. Serious doubts were however expressed on the bona fide intentions of the phenomenon and literary critics have often regarded it as the old – colonial - wine in a new bottle. The paper attempts to let the readers have a tast e of the old colonial wine in the new bottle of globalization, so skillfully se rved by Desa i in her novel

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