Mobile Learning in Knowledge Development Scenario

Mobile devices like mobile phones, iPods and PDAs can have more processing power, and more interesting applications than were commonly available on desktop machines a decade ago, and teachers and educators are sensitising their potential to be used as powerful learning tools. However, the application of mobile phones, in this globalised era of 21st century, in context of learning must take into account several factors. Above all other things, we must consider how mobile learning can be used to provide learners with better opportunities and enhanced learning outcomes. This paper describes the following areas related to mobile learning: differentiation between e-learning and m-learning; classification of mobile learning activities, using the themes “record, recall, relate and reprint” (the four R’s of mobile learning); the parameters for developing mobile learning and categories of mobile-learning.

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Keywords: Knowledge development, ipods, PDAs, four R’s, mobile-learning

ISSN: 0974-0643

EISSN: 0976-4658

EOI/DOI: 10.14429/djlit.29.270

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