Surgical Management of Periapical Lesion in the Maxillary Anterior Region Caused By Trauma in an Atheletic Child-A Case Report

The periapical lesions are the result of an inflammatory response to bacterial infection within the root canal. Conservative approach of treatment of any lesion is always preferred over surgery. Non surgical method involves cleaning and disinfecting the root canal system which reduces the bacteria and creates an environment in which periapical healing can occur. This has limited periapical surgery in very selected dental cases such as in those cases in which causative factors are located outside the root canal eg-bacteria colonizing the periapical tissues, cysts and foreign body reactions. Here a case report of a 17 year old boy who presented with maxillary anterior periapical lesion is presented and discussed. The patient gave a history of trauma to anterior teeth while playing cricket 8 years back. This case was managed by root canal treatment followed by periapical surgery.

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Keywords: Periapical Surgery, Anterior Teeth, Trauma

ISSN: 0973-2020


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