Novel Flowchart for Design of Concrete Rectangular Beams

For flexural design of R/C rectangular section beams, there is a number of steps procedure and equations provided by ultimate strength design method according to ACI-code. The large number of equations and fork of solution steps causes a lot of confusion and boredom for student or designer. Checked the most common and authoritative textbooks that dealt with design of concrete structures according to (ACI-08). From long experience in teaching reinforced concrete material, show that the novel flowchart has more effect to give beginner engineering students speed to achieve design steps by less time and effort. This study focuses on flexural of straight beams due to the loads applied vertically, with single and double reinforcement, using SI units. Finally, I reached a simplified flowchart to track flexural design steps easily and conveniently.

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Keywords: IJSER,2229-5518, 22295518,Abdul Kareem M.B. Al-Shamma

ISSN: 22295518


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