Working of ant colony search algorithm in radial distribution system

A new powerful algorithm has been presented in this paper for capacitor placement in radial distribution systems. This method was inspired by observation of the behavior of ant colonies. This theorem applies on the state transition rule to favors transition towards nodes connected by shorter edges. Then it applies local updating rule. Finally it applies a global updating rule to make search more directed and enhance the capability of finding the optimal solution in capacitor placement problem. It was observed that optimal capacitor placement process not only reduce the power loss, but also improve the voltage profile and maximizing the net savings. The problem has been formulated as maximization of net savings obtained from energy loss reduction, kVA enhancement and improvement of voltage profile.

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Keywords: IJSER,2229-5518, 22295518,Ms. Manan Oza, Prof.Jaikaran singh, Prof.Mukesh Tiwari

ISSN: 22295518



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