Monitoring Mangrove Status using Remote Sensing and Geo-informatics in Piram Island, Gulf of Khambhat, Gujarat State, India

Piram is a living witness to the ancient disturbances of nature, changes in flora and fauna over millions of years and centuries of tides and ebbs. It is unique because there are very few islands of the Indian West Coast, which are so easily accessible. In the present study, Indian remote Sensing Satellite (IRS-P6) LISS-III and LISS-IV digital data covering Piram Island for the period of 2007, 2010 and 2013 have ben analysed for mapping mangrove. The LISS-III and LISS-IV data have been interpreted visually and the mangroves have been classified into two density classes namely, dense mangroves and spares mangroves based on the intensity of pink tone observed on the Satelllite data. Field Survey was carried out for mangrove density identification with the help of GPS measurements at various places in the Piram Island. During field visit soil samples were also collected for physical chemical analysis. Remote Sensing data was analyzed using ENVI Software and the mangrove density classes were delineated using the Quantum GIS software. This study aims to monitor changes in mangrove vegetation, in Piram Island using multi-temporal Indian Remote Sensing satellite data in GIS environment. The physico-chemical properties of soil of various sites in the Piram Island were also studied.

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Keywords: IJSER,2229-5518, 22295518,Dhara O. Bhavsar, Y.T. Jasrai, H.A.Pandya, Vijay Singh, Ajay Patel, and Manik H. Kalubarme

ISSN: 22295518


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