Pattani central mosquein Southern Thailand as sanctuary from violence

This article describes the real quality of Pattani Central Mosque to depict another picture of mosques in southern Thailand that has been alleged as an arena for the spreading of Islamic radical ideas and the recruiting of young people into ‘martyrs’ against the Thai Government. It is not doubted, the 2004 Kru-zeMosque incident ref lects the failure of places of worship as a ‘sanctuar y from violence’. Consequently, there are questions about the kind of practices taking place in Islamic teaching, mosque management, and the views held by mosque stakeholders (Imam, the preachers, and congregation) toward good governance, human rights and the anticipation of radicalism given the current situation in Pattani. In sum, Pattani Central Mosque instead seems to be composed of a fairly equal mixture of moderate and more conservative believers rather than those with radical and extreme tendencies.

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Keywords: Mosque; Islamism; Human rights; Good governance; Anticipation for radicalism

ISSN: 2089-1490

EISSN: 2406-825X

EOI/DOI: 10.18326/ijims.v4i2.213-232

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