Power Control of DC Microgrid With Variable Generation and Energy Storage

Power control strategies of DC Microgrid with variable generation and energy storage was presented in this paper. The DC microgrid consists of PV panel ,wind turbine, battery, dc loads and a grid–connected inverter system. In order to ensure the stability of a DC microgrid, the power flow within the DC microgrid must be balanced at all times to maintain a constant dc bus voltage. Different with the centrally control method , the droop control based on the dc-bus signalling(DBS) technique is used in this paper. When the load power variation or ac grid fault, the bi-directional grid converter or battery need to adjust the power balance during grid-connect condition or island condition. MATLAB/SIMULINK simulations are presented to demonstrate the feasibility of the proposed power control strategy during various operating conditions.

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Keywords: DC Microgrid, Renewable Source, Power Management, DC Bus Signalling

ISSN: 2161-6442

EISSN: 2161-5055


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