Overview of this article is devoted to the justification to demonstrate how the biologically active substances in citrus dentistry. Substantiates the main adventure, the impact and the basic functions of various types of citrus fruits, which are used in medicine. According to the literature review conclusions about which promises more effective to demonstrate how the citrus bioflavonoid extracts not only in diseases of various human organs and systems, but also in dental practice, due to the advantage of these biologically active substances on the drug chemical origin. With therapeutic and prophylactic proposes have long used citrus fruits and their leaves, flowers, seeds, juice and peel of the fruit. Nowdays in medicine and dentistry most commonly used citrus fruits that contain a very large number of different compounds, especially mono and disaccharides, pectin, essential oils, organic acids and vitamins. Regarding the effects of citrus essential great content in their fruit poliphenols – bioflavonoids. Today these substances are considered as the most important bioregulators of plant origin. Citrus bioflavonoids possess a wide spectrum of important biological functions, among which anti-inflammatory, osteotropic, capillarystressed, antispasmodic, antitoxic. Citrus fruit bioflavonoids also are potent antioxidants. Proven in experimental and clinical hight efficiency citrus fruit extracts in medicine, particularly in endocrinology, gastroenterology and others. Data such hight positive effiency led to further study and use of extracts of citrus fruits in dentistry. In particular local application of quercetin in various forms alveolitis, stomatitis and generalized periodontitis. Widespread use in the complex treatment of inflammatory and degenerative diseases of periodontal mouthwash acquired from citrus bioflavonoids that have parodontoprotecting, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory, and have a hight advantage over drugs of chemical origin.New dentistry have many chemical drugs,but its functions is bad and their long-term use in patients causes side effectsBecause more attention is paid herbalproducts,namely bioflavonoids,especially in plant of citrus extacts.Products of citrus bioflavonoid its most better and have toolsIn the treatmeant of periodontal patients used different bioflavonoid contains form of drugs,films,mouthwash and other active and positive forms,especiaaaly in periodontal dentistry.Biologic active forms its very popular in medicine and dentistry now,because its have best perspective in experimental and clinical treatment.Whith the change of the environment bioflavonoids of extract citrus plants have becaume very importance in the treatment of dental deseases,especially in periodontolgy practice.These enable the application of its use and recommend the biologically active substances of citrus fruit in dentistry.

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Keywords: citrus, citrus biologically active substances, bioflavonoids, therapeutic and preventive influence

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