Material and Energy Recovery in a Municipal Solid Waste System: Practical Applicability

In this study an Integrated Municipal Solid Waste system is improved and developed for practical application in the waste management sector. A mass, energy and environmental analysis is made taking into account the EU regulation requests and selective collection targets in the case study region. The technological solutions proposed focused on: nature and waste flow, Municipal Solid Waste heterogeneity respect to selective collection optimization, energy potential of the products, non-volatile solid content, efficiency of the process and type of cogeneration gasification plant. The syngas stream is used in a gas engine producing 804 kWhth and 714 kWhel. The system allows not only the recycling of sellable materials but also the minimization of landfilling thanks to pre-treatments that extract materials with low energetic potential.

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Keywords: Bio-drying, Eco-points, Extrusion, Gasification, Landfill, MSW, Selective Collection

ISSN: 2324-6995

EISSN: 2324-7029


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