Growth Performance of Intercropping System Components and Nutrient Status of Soil under Horti-silvicultural System

Poplar clone, a short rotation timber specie, was included as timber tree and guava (Psidium guajava L.), kinnow (Citrus reticulata), pear (Pyrus communis L.), peach (Prunus persica (L). Batsch) and plum (Prunus Americana Marsh) as horticultural components to evaluate growth performance and nutrient status under horti-silvicultural system in irrigated agroecosystem. Growth increment of poplar was significantly higher when planted with fruit crops as compared to sole poplar planting. Availability of macro-nutrients (N, P, K) and organic carbon was determined at different depths of soil and a decrease in availability of nutrients with increasing depth was recorded. The release of nutrients from decomposition of litter-fall was less during winter because of low temperature, but increase of ambient temperature in June-August increased their availability. The macro-nutrients tended to increase with time due to higher inputs of organic matter. Out of different planting patterns viz. poplars as filler, windbreak, available phosphorus and nitrogen were found on higher side in an another experiment where poplar was used as filler tree.

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Keywords: Poplar, Fruit Plants, Intercropping, Growth, Nutrients, Horti-silvicultural System

ISSN: 2324-6995

EISSN: 2324-7029


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