Coastal Groundwaters – A Geo-hydro Chemical Explaration for Factors Controlling Gensis and Spatial DistributionI of Fluoride

Fluoride being a cumulative bone seeking agent displays dual nature either, in its deficiency and/or accumulation leading to fluorosis has been a major problem along the coastal districts of Bay of Bengal of India. Geo-hydrochemistry and mechanisms controlling fluoride genesis with its spatial distribution were delineated from 111 groundwater samples of specific criteria of two seasons. Geophysical and chemical data were interpreted with conventional and computed arguments for status, mineral species and extent along this coastal corridor of three districts. It was understood that the geo-hydrochemistry of fluoride in groundwaters is complex by virtue of the dynamic behavior of water attributed by its excellent solvent nature and the highest reactivity of fluorine. The thermodynamic equilibrium of mass transfer among ions depending on their ionic strengths by virtue of their electronic set up ultimately decided these concentrations. The variations were found to be effected with respect to the pH of the vicinity, where the dissolution or exchange of ions is enhanced or sometimes completely restricted. The correlation with respect to calcium and bicarbonates strengthen the argument of local hydro chemical and geological fluctuations from the geomorphological impacts developed from the natural and anthropogenic activities along the coast.

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Keywords: Bay of Bengal, Fluoride, Fluorosis, Geo-hydrochemistry, Groundwater

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