The Interactions Between the Mobile Handset Antenna of Various Types and the Human Head

One lingering concern is the effect of the radiation produced by the mobile handset antenna on the human head. This topic has been studied widely, but still there is no definitive answer. Since mobile telephones are typically used in close to the human head, significant levels of power can be absorbed by the head, the primary effect is to cause local heating of the brain and head tissues. This is of concern to some people who work continually with mobile telephones, and some form of ''preventative'' research should be done. This paper describes some kinds of models of antennas (dipole, monopole and patch antennas) and human, and the calculation of the Specific Absorption Rate (SAR) in the human head at 1800 MHz. Also, this paper studies the effect of the human head model on the return losses of these models of the antennas. The obtained results show that at the same frequency, the patch antenna induces SAR in the human head of smaller values than that induced by dipole and monopole antennas. In addition, the return loss of the patch antenna is affected greatly by the presence of the human model, when it is compared with the return losses of the dipole and monopole antennas.

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Keywords: Antenna Types; SAR; Return Loss; Human Head

ISSN: 2325-7431

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