Design and Development of a Cross-Ribbon Dough Mixer

Abstract—In bakery industries, mixing is one of the major operations that determine the mechanical properties of dough, which have a direct consequence on the quality of the end product .The mixing operation is to facilitate structure development and ingredients homogenization. In view of the associated problems and difficulties in the manual method of dough mixing, a cross-ribbon dough mixer was designed and developed. The unit parts of the mixer were designed following standard engineering principles for part-sizing, using locally available materials. Whilst the cross-ribbon (suspended on the mixing basin) rotates in clockwise direction, the mixing basin in relative motion rotates in anti-clockwise direction. The mixer was tested to ascertain its performance and it has efficiency of 85.7% with mixing rate of 30kg/hr per batch.

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Keywords: Design, development, cross-ribbon, dough, mixing, efficiency, rotation


EISSN: 2349-6495


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