Firewall Content Filtering

A firewall is a set of related program’s that protects resources of a private network and also protects the entire network against all external or internal attacks or threats. Firewall apply on both software and hardware or someplace it’s combination of both. All messages entering or leaving the internet pass through the firewall. A recent survey reported the average age when a child first sees porn online is 11 years. This comes as both a surprise and a concern to parents, especially those who believe they have done all they can to monitor and protect their child's online viewing. In this scenario we provide technical solution of this kind of problem is “content filtering”. Content filtering works by matching strings of characters. When the strings match, the content is not allowed through. Content filters are often part of Internet firewall. Thus we are providing power to control the information filtering (pornographic materials or social-networking sites unrelated to work) by content filtering to organization, universities, schools and parents also.

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Keywords: firewall, pornographic, social-networking, filtering, internet and content filtering


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