Non-invasive Glucose Level Measurement in Blood by GLCM Technique

This research describes the main technologies currently being explored for non-invasive glucose monitoring. The principle here we use is by laser technology and by establish relation between glucose level and texture coefficients getting from laser output. Laser output is converted into Jpeg format which basically an rgb image. With help of rgb image it converts into gray image and then analyzes it with help of gray level co occurrence matrix (GLCM).The gray co matrix function creates a gray-level co-occurrence matrix (GLCM) by calculating how often a pixel with the intensity (gray-level) value i occurs in a specific spatial relationship to a pixel with the value j. To overcome the limitations of infrared light , laser technique is to used in this project which has more accurate than of infrared light source.

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Keywords: Blood Glucose, Embedded Sensor, GLCM, Multi-Sensors


EISSN: 2349-6495


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