Use of Interpreters With Crisis Intervention Teams, Behavioral Health Units, and Medical Strike Teams: Responding Appropriately and Effectively

The methods of using an interpreter during crisis intervention, medical, and psychological procedures with a non-English speaking patient are often compromised by lack of proper training for both primary healthcare personnel and potential interpreters, and by misunderstandings about effective procedural guidelines. Training is paramount and not everyone can do this important job. Being a fluent speaker of several languages does not in itself make one an effective interpreter. The purpose of this paper is to offer specific guidelines on what may be required in order to do successful interpretation. [International Journal of Emergency Mental Health, 2010, 12(2), pp.79-82].

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Keywords: Interpreters; crisis intervention; emergency mental health; behavioral health; disaster intervention; translators


EISSN: 1522-4821

EOI/DOI: IJEMH • Vol. 12, No. 2 • 2010

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