Improving the deformation warping European regulatory battery holder by using mold analysis and Taguchi method

The plastic injection molding technology advances, affecting the market for the high demands on product quality, and therefore, the control parameters of the product is very important, a lot of factors that will affect the quality of the product, and generate defects such as: warpage, encapsulation, suture line, surface flow marks and short shots and other issues. Analyze movement via computer-aided engineering software (Computer Aided Engineering, referred to as CAE), you can find out the optimal parameters before the actual opening mold, improve product defects exist, thus saving time tryout, trimming dies and reduce material waste. This study is to explore the battery holder of the EU warping, first through Moldex3D mold flow analysis to simulate the Taguchi method to identify controllable factors affecting its warp and warp to explore this correction and improvement of molding parameters to improve product quality.

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Keywords: injectionmolding, warp, Taguchimethods, Moldex3D, mold flow analysis

ISSN: 2412-513X

EISSN: 2412-513X

EOI/DOI: 12082015

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