Assessment of Factors Influencing Growth and C-Phycocyanin Production of Arthrospira platensis from Meteoritic Crater Lake

The Arthrospira platensis was isolated from the unique habitat of Lonar Crater Lake, world’s only crater in the basalt rocks. The isolate was primarily enriched in CFTRI and Zarrouk’s medium and then monoalgal culture was established by Single cell isolation technique. The important physicochemical parameters influencing the growth of the isolate were analyzed. The optimum temperature for the growth was recorded 28° C with production of 27.22 mg l-1day-1 of the cell mass showing 2.88 mg/ml of chlorophyll- a on twelfth day. The maximum growth was found at pH 9±0.1 with 37.23 mg l-1day-1 of cell mass indicating 2.35 mg/ml of chlorophyll- a with light intensity of 2.5 Klux. The study revealed considerable influence of magnesium salts on C-Phycocyanin concentration but negligible effect on growth. The cell mass grown with MgCl2 showed maximum C-PC concentration up to 0.413 mg/ml and minimum with MgCO3 0.356 mg/ml and MgNO3 0.404 mg/ml respectively. The isolate exhibited the siderophore production by hydroxyl group chelation up to 14.6 % without any pretreatment ensuring, its possible use in agricultural industry. The optimized media for the isolate was formulated for the maximum growth as well as C-PC production.

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Keywords: Arthrospira platensis, Lonar Crater Lake, Growth profile, C-phycocyanin, Siderophore.


EISSN: 2229 – 6905

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