Potential of Different Light Intensities on the Productivity of Spirulina maxima

The cultivation of photosynthetic microorganisms such as the cyanobacterium Spirulina maxima has been studied by researchers in many countries because these organisms can produce products with industrial potential. The growth of test alga Spirulina maxima a cyanobacterium is greatly affected by one of the most important climatic factor that is light. In the present study effect of different light intensities for the production of Spirulina maxima was studied. Productivity has been measured in terms of biomass (g/ml). At 5000 lux light intensity the dry weight of Spirulina maxima was 0.72g/500ml.

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Author Name: J. P. Pandey, Amit Tiwari, Suchita Singh and Dileep Tiwari


Keywords: Spirulina maxima, Biomass, Light intensity


EISSN: 2229 – 6905

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