Biomonitoring of lead, cadmium and chromium in environmental water

Water and algal samples were collected from different agricultural, industrial and residential areas of Kolkata, North and South 24 Parganas of West Bengal. Heavy metal contaminants like lead (Pb), cadmium (Cd) and chromium (Cr) were measured from both algal flora and their habitat water samples to understand the efficacy of different algal genera in biomonitoring and bioremoval of these metals. Entire study area was found to be contaminated mainly with Pb (0.008 to 12.2 ppm) while Cd and Cr were found at very low to below detection level (BDL). Anabaena, Pithophora, Spirogyra and Chara accumulated 20 to50 times more Cd, Cr and Pb than that of habitat water of municipal waste of Kolkata. Oscillatoria was found to be a good biomagnifier of the metals grown in raw tannery waste accumulating 15 times more Pb than water. Rhizoclonium, Ulva and Catenella also accumulated Pb from coastal water of Kakdweep in South 24 Parganas

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Keywords: Biomonitoring, lead, cadmium, chromium


EISSN: 2229 – 6905

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