Preliminary report on the tolerance and growth of micro algae in the sludge from hypochlorite manufacturing industry and possibility of using these micro algae for remediation.

The ETP sludge of a hypochlorite manufacturing industry can be a potent pollutant of an aquatic environment. The hyposludge is highly alkaline with high TDS. It is milky white with sodium hypochlorite as a major constituent. The present work attempts to identify micro algae which can tolerate and grow in the hyposludge, Preliminary laboratory screening revealed that Chlorococcum humicola and Chroococcus turgidus showed a significant growth. These two micro algal species can be employed for remediation of hyposludge after systematic lab trials followed by pilot scale studies.

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Keywords: Chroococcusturgidus, Chlorococcumhumicola, Phycoremediation, Hypo sludge


EISSN: 2229 – 6905

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