Reading – A Learning Strategy- Influences the Writings of Second Language Learners

Reading is a learning process which greatly influences second language learners. For writing any content second language learners require to have ideas relevant to the content, to know different grammatical forms, to posessvocabulary and the mechanics of writing. Familiarization of all these components is possible only through reading. An efficient reader comprehends the text and assimilates information very quickly. However for slow learners they struggle to comprehend. Schema or the background knowledge helps in this context to understand the text. A second language learner comfortably writes when the stored data in the mind is familiar with the given context. A set of 30 students belonging to SRM University (Engineering course) were tested to see how reading influences writing. The possibilities of read-write relationship to enhance background knowledge is identified. Background knowledge of struggling second language learners require more input to become familiar in grammatical and other forms for better acquisition in the language.

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Keywords: Reading, writing, background knowledge, schema, read-write relationship

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