To evaluate the effectiveness of selected intervention in reducing level of pain perception and anxiety among primi gravida mothers

Aim: To evaluate the effectiveness of companionship in terms of level of pain perception and anxiety among primi gravida mothers. Participants and setting: The study was conducted in vijayalakhmi Hospital, in suryapet in with 700 annual births. The primi gravida mothers were recruited and were allocated by non-probability purposive sampling technique into the two arms of the study, but only 20 in study and 20 in control group participants. Intervention: The study group received companionship interventions. The study group, the investigator assessed the level of labour pain by using modified Combined Numerical Categorical Scale and anxiety by using numerical and Hamilton anxiety scale. Before starting the intervention, pre assessment level of pain perception and anxiety was done. On the second, third, fourth and fifth assessment was done every one hour intervals, the level of pain perception and anxiety was assessed among the primi garavida mothers in both the groups using the same scale. But in the control group, pre and post test was assessed without administering the companionship intervention. Measurement and findings: The investigator found that presence of companion during the time of labour will give positive responses such as less anxiety and reduction of pain perception, coping with anxiety and increased maternal satisfaction. This study revealed that there was high significant difference found in pain perception and anxiety at p<0.001level between study and control group. Conclusion: The findings concluded that the women in the experimental group had reduction in the level of pain perception and anxiety when compared with control group, hence companionship can be incorporated has an effective pain and anxiety reducing measure among primi gravid mothers during first stage of labour.

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Keywords: primi gravida mothers, Effectiveness, pain perception, anxiety, Companionship

ISSN: 2249-555X

EISSN: 2249-555X

EOI/DOI: 10.15373/2249555X

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