Structure and Cells in the Gills of The Three AirBreathing Fishes Clarias Batrachus, Heteropneustes Fossilis and Monopterus Cuchia. A Light Microscopical Investigation

Clarias batrachus and Heteropneustes fossilis have well developed gills with two sets of four holobranch, each set having a gill arch and two rows of primary filament or lamellae projecting caudolaterally. The gills of Monopterus cuchia is not much more prominent and are compact in nature. Histologically, the cells present in the gills of Clarias batrachus and Heteropneustes fossilis is almost similar. The suppression of gill lamellae in Monopterus cuchia are thought to be its adaptation to their environment which becomes muddy and semi terrestrial. The different cells present helps in number of gaseous exchange functions. Comparing the entire groups of air breathing fishes the shape, size and quantity is found to be reduced in Clarias batrachus, Heteropneusts fossilis and more reduced in Monopterus cuchia. Histochemically, the mucous goblet cells of gills showed strong reactions with AB pH 2.5 indicating the presence of glycoproteins with carboxyl groups and/ O sulphate esters.

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Keywords: Gills, Histological, Histochemical

ISSN: 2249-555X

EISSN: 2249-555X

EOI/DOI: 10.15373/2249555X

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