Floral biology and availability of nectar in conventional cultivation Luffa cylindrica (L.) M.Roem

This study aimed to obtain information about the floral biology and evaluate the availability of nectar daily Luffa cylindrica in contributing to the knowledge of bee flora of the State of Paraíba and providing information that could subsidize its use in the management plans of bees in this region. The experiment was conducted from January to July 2013 in the experimental field of the Federal Institute of Science Education and Technology of Paraiba - Campus Sousa, 06 º coordinates 50'454 "S, 38 ° 17'905" W and altitude 223 m. This paper is structured as follows: the flowers in the vegetable loofah (Luffa cylindrica) analyzing volume (microliters / flower) and concentration of nectar (°Brix) daily evaluated the availability of nectar. Records on floral morphology and observed events were held were (opening hours, duration of anthesis, modifications made along the anthesis) from pre-anthesis to senescence. Allowing to determine the time of day that the species flowers and extend their flowering, and even data on plant morphology and growth habit, leaf arrangement, and floral morphology, arrangement and number of petals sepals, androceum and gynoecium, plus the length and diameter of the corolla. Also measured was the width of the corolla, stamens height, depth and diameter of the ovary and ovarian subsequently measurements was performed in fruit diameter, length, and weight. To evaluate differences between the characteristics mentioned in the conditional cultivation conditions was also performed in a similar manner and using the same prior art, a comparison of these characteristics in Luffa cylindrica on natural or native conditions. With this information, it was concluded that the concentration of nectar may vary over time and there is greater availability of nectar throughout the day with this kind of alternative energy resources to be offered to pollinators especially honeybees.

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Keywords: Vegetable loofah, floral resources, pollination

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