Establishment of in vitro aseptic culture of Eclipta alba (L.) Hassk. - A traditional hair growth promoting plant

Eclipta alba was collected from natural habitat and established at LSS, Gandhigram Trust, Dindigul, Tamilnadu. Explants collected from the established plants were used for micropropagation under in vitro conditions. Explants of node and shoot tip can be used for initiation in vitro aseptic culture of E. alba. There was no much differentiation between nodal and shoot tip explants in BA treatment. However, a significant difference in the response to KN by nodal and shoot tip explants was noticed. Among the different concentrations of BA and KN studied, MS medium supplemented with BA 1.0 mg/l favored for shoot multiplication from node and shoot tip of E. alba. Among the three different auxins (IAA, NAA and IBA) studied for root initiation, the half strength MS medium supplemented with IBA 0.50 mg/l favored highest rooting of in vitro initiated shoot.

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Keywords: Eclipta alba, micropropagation , nodal and shoot tip explants


EISSN: 2348-8069


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