Effect of pre-sowing treatments on seed germination of Adansonia digitata L. in field condition

The Adansonia digitata L. a large deciduous tree naturally occur in few places both in forest and in cities in Maharashtra State. It has broad tree trunk at the base and narrows at the apex so looks like a natural bonsai. It produced fruit which is large and elongated commonly called as Gorkh chinch. In English it is called as Baobab. It is native of Africa and exotic plant for India. In India it is reported from Maharashtra, Gujarat, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and in Maharashtra it is reported at Elphistent College and Jogeshwari (Mumbai); near auditorium Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathwada University (Aurangabad); near Shirwal (Pune); on East and West side Purna railway station (Nanded).The fruit is medicinally important for curing malaria, diarrhoea and microbial infections. Presently its density is low in forest so present investigation were undertaken to check the germination percentage of this species. The effect of pre-sowing treatment on seed germinated was tested by performing field methods. In present investigation the seeds of Adansonia digitata L. were pre-treated with cold and hot water for different time duration and without removed of seed pulp directly. The germination percentage was significantly increased (83.33%) in hot water pre-treated seeds with 40oC for 24hrs and lowest were (9.33%) when seeds were pre-treated with cold water at low temperature (- 4 oC) for 48hrs.

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Keywords: Adansonia digitata L., seed treatment, seed germination.


EISSN: 2348-8069


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