Biological properties and conservation of critically endangered plant Withania coagulans - Indian Rennet: A Review

Withania coagulans is one of the most privileged medicinal plant of ancient as well as modern medicine. It belongs to family Solonacea and is found to be distributed from East Mediterranean to regions of South Asia. In India it is commonly called as doda paneer (Indian Rennet) since it possesses milk coagulating properties. W. coagulans possesses several medicinal properties and is used in treatment of various diseases. Plant is known to possess many bioactive compounds responsible for its biological and pharmacological activities, withanolides being the main acitive biochemical constituent. The plant has become endangered due to unrestricted collection from wild stands for both traditional as well as medicinal purposes. Low germination rate and reproductive failure have also contributed towards the present endangered status of the plant. Considering the present status of the plant micropropagation studies have been conducted for conservation and mass propagation of the plant.

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Keywords: Withanolides, conservation, micropropagation, genetic transformation.


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