An Empirical Study on the Impacts of Accountant' in the New Product Development Operation in Manufacturing Businesses

The contribution of accountants to new product development process in manufacturing firms is considered an emerging phenomenon in the cost accounting literature. However, little attention is given to the role of accountants in product development teams in particular in an empirical context. This study analysis of accountant’s role and their contribution in new product development project in manufacturing firms. By studying production and accounting departments of 35 firms, it was found, on the basis of using the regression analysis correlation analysis and factor analysis method that the accountant’s contributions positively related to the speed-to market, and the market success of new products. In addition, it was demonstrated that accountant’s collaboration with production professionals has a positive influence on the costs of new product. This study has several theoretical and managerial implications. In terms of theoretical implications, this study enhances the contribution of accountant’s for all business operations especially production department, and tests its impact on the project performance. In terms of managerial implications, this study suggests that managers should enhance the role of accountant’s to enhance the project performance. In particular, managers should promote collaboration and increase communication between accountant’s production department workers, especially the members of new product development team.

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Keywords: Cost Accounting, New Product Development, Accountant

ISSN: 1303-0035

EISSN: 2147-3064


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