Emerging Neuropathic Pain After Spinal Anesthesia: The Review of the Literature in the Presence of a Case Report

Spinal anesthesia provides sensorial and motor blockage with administration of small amounts of local anesthetics to the subarachnoid space; this technique is commonly used. Some complications may occur, depending on the method of spinal anesthesia and anesthetic agents. One of the most common neurological complications is radiculopathy caused by intrathecal anesthesia. In this case report, we aimed to present the therapeutic approach of a patient with low back pain, including neuropathic components, after spinal anesthesia.

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Keywords: Neuropathic pain, Spinal anesthesia, Neurologic complication

ISSN: 1308-7185

EISSN: 2149-3103

EOI/DOI: 10.17944/mkutfd.37970

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