Research Note: Fuzzy Supplier Selection by Use of Weighted Indices

Since supplier selection is an important part in management fields, this research focuses on weighted non-hierarchical fuzzy model to increase supply chain management performance. Supplier selection researches have significantly increased but most of methods have been focused on hierarchical determination of indices. This article by use of a multiple objective function tried to present a method that can consider non-hierarchical determination of indices in specific conditions. This research by use of deliverable indices of supply chain management tries to select the best suppliers. In this paper it is assumed that all suppliers have the ability to supply needed items but client can only make a product they provide. Quality of supply chain deliverable, supply chain reliability and supply chain visibility names indices have been selected to increase efficiency in the supply chain. This approach presents local optimal solutions by use of a heuristic logic in supply chain management. These indices are used as fuzzy to select the appropriate suppliers. By this fuzzy method, appropriate supplier can be set for each of the items. The presented approach have been introduced a weighted indices to determine best supplier in specific conditions. In this research weighted non-hierarchical fuzzy sets have been used to select appropriate suppliers. This method is useful for supplier selection problems.

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Keywords: Supply chain management, fuzzy, quality, reliability, information, supplier selection


EISSN: 2383-2126

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