Risk Estimation of Hepatitis (B and C) among provinces of Pakistan using only Descriptive Stats from PMRC Houses Hold Survey Report

As it is known viral hepatitis, including hepatitis A, hepatitis B, and hepatitis C, are different diseases that affect the liver and have different hepatitis symptoms and treatments. Hepatitis type is determined by costly laboratory tests like HBsAg and Anti HCV.It is the beauty of this article that we focused on application and techniques of statistics in biostatistics, Objective was to estimate the risk of Hepatitis among provinces of Pakistan by application of logistic regression model, checked the association of Hepatitis among provinces, and to associate the quantity of injection the provinces of Pakistan by using only descriptive statistics results were reported in the survey report of PMRC of 47043 surveyed participants available at their website. We worked on secondary data. Results revealed that, out of 47043 patients, 7.5% (3547) cases diagnosed as Hepatitis (B , C or Both) this prevalence was exactly match that was reported in survey report of PMRC. Logistic regression analysis showed that, Hepatitis 1.36 times more in Sind and 1.65 times more in Punjab as compare to Baluchistan, however KPK founded 0.412 times less affected with Hepatitis as compare to Baluchistan. It was found that, Number of injections was also associated with the provinces, with p<0.01, in NWFP 10% (764) patients found with more than ten injections. This study showed with the help of only descriptive results, we can apply logistic regression to estimate the odds of outcome with the help of single variable, can also estimate 95% confidence interval, and can see the significance of results using chi square test of association, without holding the whole data set

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Keywords: Hepatitis, Risk Estimation, Logistic Regression, Survey, PMRC, Karachi ,Pakistan

ISSN: 2412-303X

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