Phenomenology in Educational Qualitative Research: Philosophy as Science or Philosophical Science?

The objective of this monographic contribution is to inform the reader about the essential elements that constitute phenomenology as a educational qualitative research design. It aims to orient the reader concerning the basic concepts and scaffolding that distinguish the phenomenological design. Additionally, the author exposes the background of phenomenology as philosophy in a general manner, and the development and incorporation of phenomenology into a scientific research model. To facilitate the reading process, the text is broken down into the following sections: philosophical origin, types of phenomenology and general usage criteria, sample and data collection strategy in phenomenology and, lastly, data analysis in phenomenology.

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Keywords: Phenomenology, Research Design, Hermeneutic, Purposive Sampling, Textual and Structural Analysis, Meaning Units, Essence.


EISSN: 2373-5929

EOI/DOI: doi:10.18562/ijee.2015.0009

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