Effect of Competitive Benchmarking on the Organizational Justice in the Semi Autonomous Government Agencies, Kenya

The information provided via strategic performance measurement systems is able to foster dialogue and debate among an organization's members both vertically and horizontally which subsequently results in strategic alignment. Such alignment should reflect the performance measurement system specification when describing the whole strategic operations management system. The properties are currently not well developed and integrated to the strategic operations management processes, and could not offer the opportunity for firms to better understand their operations systems environment and to increase their performance level. Fairness or justice is one of our daily preoccupations in many aspects of life, including our home- and work-lives. The strategic performance practices should be structured to include organizational justice for a good production from the employees to be attained and to prevent chaos and mistrusts inn organization. This paper examines how competitive benchmarking influences organizational justice within semi-autonomous government agencies, Kenya.

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Keywords: Competitive benchmarking, organizational justice, SAGAs.


EISSN: 2321-9246


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