The Crucial Role of Biomarkers In Oral Cancer: Review

Oral cancer is the sixth most common form of cancer worldwide, and the majority of cases occur inIndia and Southeast Asia. Smoking and drinking alcohol is the major risk factors in the western world, whereasin Asia, it is primarily caused by tobacco/areca nut/betel leaf chewing and/or human papillomavirus (HPV)infections. Little is known about this type of cancer despite recent advances in cancer biology. The generallyasymptomatic nature of the early oral lesions causes them to remain undetected in many cases. Thus, the diseaseprogresses considerably before the patients seek treatment and is a major contributing factor to the severity ofthis disease. Therefore, there is a great need to create awareness for its prevention and early diagnosis. Theapplication of advanced molecular biological and biochemical methodologies to elucidate its biomarkers mayaid in early detection; however, much more work must be done for this information to be effectively applied inthe clinical setting. This review concentrates to study about the biomarkers and its role in oral carcinogenesis.

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Keywords: Oral cancer; growth factors; inflammation; apoptosis; metallo proteins; biomarkers.


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