Where the ‘Sutra’ defies the ‘Hierarchy of needs’ – A comparison of Devdutt Pattanaik’s book Business Sutra with Maslow’s Theory of Hierarchy of needs

A comparison between the unrelenting work culture of the West and the allegedly exotic culture of the east is an unending discussion. Various scholars have thrown light on the subject in different ways, mostly through case studies. This paper attempts to compare two highly celebrated milestones- A.H.Maslow’s theory of Hierarchy of needs (1943) with Devdutt Pattanaik’s bestselling book Business Sutra(2013) which is a very Indian approach to management. While Maslow’s approach to the subject is through psychology, Pattanaik views the subject through his mythological lens. Both have case studies to establish and authenticate the concepts. This paper however doesn’t completely focus on the differences in the philosophies only. It also incorporates and highlights the similarities between the two, which is substantial and often goes unnoticed.

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Keywords: Sutra,Hierarchy,Pattanaik’s

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