Chemical Composition, Cholesterol, Trace Metals and Amino Acid Composition of Different Canned Fish Products Produced and Sold in Turkey

Commercial Turkish canned fish products were analysed for chemical composition and food quality attributes inclusive potentially toxic heavy metals of the fish content (anchovy, sardine, mackerel, bonito, and trout). The average fat content ranged from 6.7% (trout) to 24.3% (mackerel). Cholesterol was low (41-69 mg/100g). No phosphate based additives have been added during production. The samples contained high amounts of taurine (20-67 mg/100 g) and histidine (146-424 mg/100g, except trout). The cadmium and lead concentrations were below the Turkish Food Codex and EU limits (4.0-19.8 µg/kg and 16.7-60.6 µg/kg, respectively). Zinc ranged from low contents in mackerel, bonito and trout (5.8-6.9 mg/kg) to higher contents in anchovy and sardine (27.3 and 17.6 mg/kg). Copper concentrations were found to be low around 0.5 mg/kg.

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Keywords: Canned fish, Chemical composition, Trace metals, Free amino acids, Cholesterol, Taurine


EISSN: 1307-234X

EOI/DOI: 10.3153/jfscom.2014003

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