Are economic studies graduates under-employed? A skills mismatch study

Skills mismatch is a generic term that refers to various types of imbalances of skills and competencies offered and those needed in the labour market. The concept has become one intensely discussed and subjected to measurements in research amid international concerns about its human resource under-utilization. The article aims to analyse under-employment of economic studies graduates. This is achieved by analysing the results of a professional path survey, with bachelor graduates of Faculty of Economics, University of Oradea, conducted at the end of 2015. Our main research question was: which are the predictors of the over-qualification of University of Oradea. Faculty of Economic Sciences graduates. The analyses show that under-employment of our graduates is not explained by any demographic variables, but solely by employment outside the domain and specialization of education, as well as by number of jobs previously held by respondents.

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Keywords: employment; skills mismatch; labour market integration; economic studies graduates, Oradea

ISSN: 2501-1596

EISSN: 2501-3599


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