Regard retro-prospectif sur les crises ivoiriennes de 1993 a 2011

Retrospective view of the Ivorian crises from 1993 to 2011. At the independence, Ivory Coast is led by Felix Houphouët Boigny with a system of single party, the PDCI-RDA. The country enjoys political stability which is about the "Ivorian miracle". The economic upturn that knows a halt in 1979 led to social unrest, which later lead the President to re-establish a multiparty system in 1990. Even relative, peace has been preserved. The death of the father of the nation at December 7 of the year 1993 marks the beginning of a turbulent period characterized among other things by the division of the "heirs" meeting within the PDCI-RDA, the coup of 1999 and the bursting of the socio-political military crisis in 2002. The 2010 elections considered like the end of the long crisis will cause over 3,000 deaths due to severe post-electoral crisis that followed. What can we read today of these successive crises? What are the main factors and actors that have characterized the last twenty years of crisis? How are they structured the country? Our approach is backward looking. It is to see through a systematic analysis of past and present how Ivory Coast reached the current situation in order to draw lessons for the future.

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Keywords: Ivory Coast, crisis, democracy, retrospective, prospective

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