The Effect of Perceived Abusive Management of Workers to Their Performance and the Role of Emotional Intelligence on This Effect

In this research it is evaluated the effect of perceived abusive management of workers to their performance and the role of emotional intelligence on this effect. Research is realized with 253 civil servants in K?r?ehir. Workers performance is handled two dimensional. One of them is task performance and the other one is contextual performance. According to the results, emotional intelligence is diminished or eliminated the effects of abusive management on workers performance. Additionally; emotional intelligence has a positive oriented relationship with task and contextual performance, abusive management has a negative oriented relationship with task and contextual performance. There is a positive oriented relationship between task and contextual performance. Another result of the research is the negative oriented relationship between emotional intelligence and the perceived abusive management.

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Keywords: Abusive Management, Emotional Intelligence, Task Performance, Contextual Performance.

ISSN: 1308-5549

EISSN: 2147-4206


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